Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pink lipstick.

I've written before about how pretty red lipstick can be (and what a mood booster it is), but lately I've been thinking about trying a bright pink shade. So pretty for spring, right? I've been doing some research and NARS' Carthage and Funny Face shades look like exactly what I'm looking for (although I have it on good authority that Revlon's Moondrops line is an equally awesome and cost-effective alternative).

Do you love bright lip color, too?

Photo by Daymion Mardel


  1. Clearly, YES, YES I DO!!! For a bright pink (which always gets compliments) I do Moondrops in Love That Pink. I'm totally open to picking up one from NARS. Thanks for the suggestions!

    P.S. Thanks for the SO, yo!

    1. Of course! You are my bright-lipstick mentor. ;)

  2. I love bright lipsticks so much on other people but they never seem to do what they are supposed to when I try them. I also tend to play up my eyes quite a bit since my lips have quite a bit of color naturally -- so when I play up my eyes, my lips are then in "milder" shades of rust, etc.