Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Celeste and Jesse Forever.

I'm always a little hesitant to make movie or music recommendations because people's tastes vary so broadly and sometimes I like, um, questionable things, particularly of the romantic comedy variety. But on Sunday—a day when I literally spent a grand total of two hours in street clothes and the rest of the day in pajamas, coming down from the high of a perfect weekend—I watched Celeste & Jesse Forever and totally loved it. Rashida Jones, who plays Celeste, is one of my favorite actresses—she manages to imbue every character she plays with tons of pathos—and she's great in this movie, which chronicles what happens when you break up but can't move on. Andy Samberg as Jesse is wonderful, too, and the chemistry between the two actors is palpable—you can totally see how their characters got together in the first place, and what keeps their bond intact even after they've split up.

Yeah, it's safe to say this movie is going on the to-buy list immediately. What great films have you all seen lately?


  1. YES! THIS MOVIE. I laugh cried my entire way through this when we saw it in theaters. Also, did you not love the track Drifting In and Out by Porcelain Raft, that scores the trailer? I died over that song all last summer.

    Have you seen Sunshine Cleaning? It's with Amy Adams and is an indie dark comedy (that's sort of morbid) but so so interesting. Highly recommended looking it up!

    Keep the recommendations coming, lady! I dig your taste.


    1. YES! I have seen Sunshine Cleaning and I loved it--it helps that I love both Amy Adams and Emily Blunt pretty much unequivocally.

      I dig YOUR taste! xoxo

  2. Admittedly, I don't usually watch romantic comedies, but this one seems like it might be quite good! Ah, the complexities of relationships...

    I've been watching mostly foreign films these days (and I can't even remember their names now, ha!) But I did just watch a rather depressing but really well made one called Rendition.

    1. I definitely recommend this one! It's not really a traditional romantic comedy--it's much smarter and it's not all wrapped up nicely with a bow at the end, at least not in the traditional sense. Let me know if you watch it!