Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We visited Coronado the Sunday after my brother's wedding, and I don't think we could have picked a better day to do it: The laid-back vibe was the perfect antidote to the previous few days' "go-go-go-my-brother's-getting-married-OMG" mentality.

A friend of my mom's told her that the Hotel del Coronado—built in 1888—was a must-visit and that we had to at least stroll through the lobby, so that's where we started (be warned that if you park at the hotel, you can expect a steep hourly fee, although easy access to your car in a crowded area might be worth it). As we walked up, my aunt randomly mentioned that my great aunt and uncle were married at the hotel when my uncle was stationed in San Diego during World War II—something I didn't know and was so happy to learn. Gotta love that personal connection.

Entering the lobby, we were immediately offered fresh lemonade by the staff, and then we found ourselves wandering through the labyrinth of shops downstairs, eventually ending up on the beach, where we strolled right up to the water's edge and admired the juxtaposition of mountains and ocean, something you just don't see here in Florida. Afterward, we headed back to the hotel and settled into a cabana on one of its decks, where I downed a really tasty (and—real talk!—very expensive) margarita, and we all listened to live music and toasted to being in California together, something that will probably never happen again. (That's my wild and crazy aunt dancing in the photo above, by the way.) If you're visiting Coronado, I highly recommend doing all of the above: Walk around the hotel, stroll to the beach, and then have a bite or a sip at one of the restaurants.

Afterward, we took a walk through the little downtown, stopping in at a couple of cute shops (where I bought the biggest sunglasses ever—I love them) and eventually settling down at a restaurant for a late (al fresco, of course) lunch before heading home. What a great day.

P.S. If you missed it yesterday, our adventures in La Jolla.


  1. Now I'm in the mood for a stroll in California! : ) Such cheery's always fun to find a piece of personal history that ties you to an exciting place.

    Alicia / Jaybird: Home in Motion

    1. Me too! It was like 100 degrees here today--ugh! So missing 70-degree weather. ;) And yes, the personal tie to the hotel was the icing on the cake--will never forget it!

      P.S. So excited for your Home in Motion series. xo