Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Found: The perfect striped top for fall.

...from Charleston, S.C.-based Troubadour. (Seriously, I'm in love with this shirt and that grosgrain bow detail—on my wishlist for sure, sigh.) In fact, the whole fall/winter line—created by former Madewell designer Lindsey Carter and photographed by Olivia Rae James—is pretty perfect. See it here.


  1. I love it, but the only clothing item I've ever spent that much on is my wedding dress. Haha! Coincidentally, I saw a very similar one recently, and it was only $10, so I'm considering getting it even though I already have a striped shirt. There is no such thing as too many stripes, right? ; ) Fall clothing is exciting.

    1. Oh, this is definitely a dream item for me, too. But I totally agree with you--you can never, ever go wrong with stripes!

  2. Replies
    1. I knew you'd like this top! It's DEFINITELY an investment piece, but it's sooo pretty.