Thursday, August 22, 2013

Around my apartment.

Just a few favorite corners around my little apartment these days.

ACS got me this chalkboard—by local maker Mark Nodeen of 390 Design—for my birthday, and I love it. The color is perfect and it's huge and awesome.

My Proud Mary "Sorbet Stripe" rug—which, you may recall, I'd had on my wishlist for months—is just as awesome as I'd hoped. I have the 5'x7' size and it's perfect for my space.

I found two of these vintage chairs at an Orlando thrift shop with my mom, and I love them. They're sturdy and comfortable and beautifully made, and the original upholstery is in fantastic shape. I threw faux sheepskin throws (from IKEA) to protect them from little kitty-cat claws, and I think eventually I'll have them reupholstered, but for now I love them exactly the way they are.

This birdcage is from a Goodwill trip last weekend, and I promptly spray-painted it a cheerful bright yellow. Then I stuck a big succulent in it.

On that same trip to Goodwill (or "Goodies," as my bestie Kate and I call it), I picked up two colorful baskets, including this little one that I love. It fits perfectly on a bookshelf next to my treasured archive of Domino and Blueprint magazines, and is perfect for holding random odds and ends. (And yup, that's a brick that I spray-painted gold—the easiest DIY ever.)

Not pictured: Bare walls that desperately need some art. Post about that to come...


  1. Love that you shared all these little corners, Megan!!

  2. Gorgeous! That rug is truly awesome and I have a crush on your succulent. Weird?

    There are many small spaces like this that make me smile, though I don't think my overall decoration is quite where I want it to be. Maybe I'll share soon too!

    Alicia / Jaybird: Home in Motion

  3. There's nothing quite like finding a perfect piece for a perfect price. Can't wait to hear about these bare walls. Seems I suffer from the same scenario!