Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Six things you should know about me.

My friend Alicia, who writes the wonderful Jaybird blog, tagged me to fill out this little survey, and since I am a sucker for this kind of thing, I figured I'd oblige. So, here you go: Six things you should know about me.

1. What is one thing you are thankful for right this moment?
Right at this moment? Coffee. Also, a job I love, wonderful friends and family, my sweet kitty cats and a bunch of opportunities that have recently come my way.

2. What was your favorite book as a kid?
Oh, gosh, this is hard. Coming to mind right now are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Little House and Strega Nona. And when I was in third grade I went through a very intense Nancy Drew phase.

3. Do you have a mentor? If so, what’s the most significant thing you’ve learned from him or her?
My mentor is my current boss. She's super smart, a wonderful manager and teacher, a talented writer and editor, and just an incredibly fair, kind human being.

4. If you had to subsist on three foods for a year, what would they be?
Smoked salmon (I really could eat this every day), Trader Joe's chicken gyoza dumplings (I'm obsessed with them right now) and burrata.

5. What travel destination is on your “someday” list?
Paris! I've never been out of the country (I know), and that is the first place I want to go.

6. If you had to write a six-word memoir, what would it be?
Ask for what you want. (OK, so that's only five words, but they're so important you don't need the sixth. Seriously: Best lesson I've ever learned.)

Would love to hear your responses to these questions, as well! Feel free to answer them in a comment or send me a link to the post if you respond on your own blog (I'd especially love to know what your six-word memoir would be!).

Photo: Me and my parents' adorable pup, Legacy.


  1. I hope you do go to Paris! I've been reading The Paris Wife and it has me dying to return. There's a line where Hemingway says Paris is so beautiful it hurts, and I couldn't agree more with that sentiment. You will fall in love with Paris. :)

    My 6-word memoir? it's 5 words too, and I'm stealing from Sinatra: "I did it my way."

  2. Your six-word memoir is such a good lesson. Let's just forget all these women-advancing-in-their-careers books and start telling little girls that from the get go. The worst that can happen is rejection, and in many cases it's worth that risk to potentially get a spectacular yes!

    Thanks for answering the questions! I loved learning more about you. Sounds like we're both coffee fiends...and I fully support you going to Paris for your first trip out of the country. Eat a gaufre for me, s'il vous plait!

    Alicia / Jaybird: Home in Motion

  3. Smoked salmon!! Yes, yes, yes. I almost DO eat it every day.

  4. Great answers Megan! Paris is high on my list as well. :-)

  5. STREGA NONA!!! That was my favorite book as a kid. Well, that and Tiggy and the Giant Wave. I read a lot as a kid (I woke up really early and to keep me from waking up the household, my mom put books by my bed to keep me in my room) and those two were my favorites.

    I like this list. And I plan to follow your life lesson advice next week...I'm really glad I read back through your posts this morning. This one gave me the little boost I needed. xoxo.

  6. I just read this. I love your memoir. Just perfect. I need to remember to do it more. I'm such a wimp at making myself ask for things. Thank you. X