Friday, March 4, 2011

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, friends! i hope you had a good end of february and first bit of march. it's been exceptionally beautiful here in sarasota -- 75-degree weather, lovely breezes, longer days, gorgeous light -- and it looks like that pattern is going to continue into the foreseeable future, or at least the weekend, which is a happymaking thing, indeed.

speaking of happy, that's an emotion i've been feeling lots of lately, too. i've been eating well (and cooking lots), walking/exercising a ton, and just generally feeling good. i don't think that's a sign of spring -- i've been feeling this way since january -- but i do think it's continued proof that putting yourself in the path of positive, healthy things (in my case, work i'm loving and equally happy, supportive people) is never a bad thing.

also, speaking of work, meeting martha stewart last week was a pretty big deal for me; i'm so inspired by her business and the work she does. i'm still working through everything i'm feeling -- it's way more than just the i-met-a-celebrity adrenaline rush -- so when i get those thoughts together, i'll post them here.

and this weekend i'm going to a press event on saturday night, then to an outdoor festival here in town, and i also want to keep up the exercise (maybe some yoga?) and the good eating. sleeping in is always on my list, of course, and i'm thinking about whipping up a batch of these brownies for a friend -- hopefully they turn out well; my last brownie attempt was a big-time fail. (sadness.)

what about you? what are your plans for the weekend? no matter what you do, i do hope you have at least a little time to stop and smell the flowers -- literally or metaphorically.


i am seriously swooning over this color lately: lovely photo by marie zucker


  1. Being happy is the best feeling in the world - I'm so glad you're feeling that way! I can't wait to read the post about Martha, I still can't believe you met her! So awesome. Have a great weekend!

  2. Spring definitely makes me happy, and I love this line "putting yourself in the path of positive". This is absolutely the perfect theme to being happy and finding happiness.
    PS. I LOVE your top banner - simply beautiful! :)

  3. Happy is good! I love this photo so much.