Monday, March 21, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

happy monday, friends! how were your weekends?

mine was, just as i'd hoped, blissfully low-key. although i went from cold-mode to allergy-mode (seriously, the pollen is killing me), i did manage to get some spring cleaning done and i'm feeling pretty happy about it. also, i can tell i'm getting older because i bought a new vacuum on sunday, and was incredibly excited about not only purchasing, but using it (we have a lot of white cat hair being shed around here).

other than spring cleaning, i also walked around st. armands circle for awhile on saturday and took in a bit of vitamin d in the beautiful sunshine. and in the spirit of my plan to get my house looking good, particularly my bedroom, i also poked around on etsy looking for prints, and fell in love with one by my perennial favorite, catherine campbell (pictured above). i love catherine's artwork -- in fact, i bought her 2010 calendar last year and have taken to cutting off the calendar portion of each month and framing the resulting drawing. i still have several months left to do that with, and i'm looking forward to finding spots around the house for them.

i have a busy week this week -- a couple of lunch meetings, a trip to naples for work on thursday, and my mom coming into town for the weekend on friday (yay!) -- but i'm looking forward to all of it. and in the spirit of continuing to get things done and in order, here's my list of commitments for the week:

+ taxes paid and filed (my accountant says they should be done this week).
+ get back into my exercise routine, since i was laid up for a lot of last week.
+ laundry, laundry, laundry. i have a lot of it to do.
+ make big batches of coconut shrimp curry and split pea soup that i can eat and reheat throughout the week.
+ continue going to bed earlier (i was in bed before midnight every night last week -- yippee!)
+ go to the beach one day to sit and watch the sunset.
+ wear bright lipstick, just because.
+ stay hopeful. about everything.

and you? what are your goals? tell me, and i'll meet you back here tomorrow. xoxo!


  1. Seriously...I so look forward to your Monday morning posts. They always help to get my mind right for the week. I start thinking about my goals and plans for the week and I love that.

    This week I need keep up with my exercising and eating right. And I need to focus on finding new fun activities for Andy and I to do.

    Have a great week! xoxo

  2. thanks, jane and stephanie! xoxo