Monday, March 7, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

happy monday, everyone! did you have good weekends? i did -- i hung out with my friend t. on friday, which was lovely, and then on saturday attended a press event at the ringling museum with mikhail baryshnikov, during which the lineup for the 2011 ringling international arts festival was announced (it's going to be awesome). after that, a bunch of us headed downtown for chillounge night, which has become something of a sarasota springtime tradition. i was lucky enough to score v.i.p. tickets, so we were able to enjoy complimentary food and drinks all night, and the bands that were playing were great, so we all ended up dancing the night away, too. (here's a pic, snapped by my buddy chris; don't we look happy? we were!)

all that event-going and street-partying led to a pretty low-key sunday, and i spent a lot of time (a) sleeping and (b) laying on my couch, watching movies and thinking deep thoughts. this week is a big one for me -- i have to make some important, literally life-changing decisions and they're a little (ok, a lot) scary. i wish i could be more specific, and i know you might be reading this and thinking, "what?", especially after all the gushing i've been doing about the place i'm at in my life right now, but the good news is that, although these decisions are ginormous, they're pretty much win-win, and i'll share more about them as soon as i make them.

and actually, making those decisions is my big commitment for the week. that, and also:

+ pick out a haircut i like. i am in desperate need of at least a trim.
+ keep calm.
+ trust myself.
+ continue the cooking/exercising. i've been feeling pretty great because of them.

and you? what are your little goals for the week? xoxo

photo by molly

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  1. my goals for this week :) hmm blog everyday, paint as much as I can, and only have 1 coffee beverage a day :)

    Happy Monday