Wednesday, March 2, 2011

scenes from sarasota + catching up

hi, guys! i feel like i should be writing my happy monday post today, but it's wednesday. it's weird, even though i posted yesterday, it felt kind of...abrupt. is that odd to say? i don't know; i feel like my monday posts start off the conversation for the week, in some weird way, and missing them makes me feel strange. (or maybe i'm just strange.)

anyway, before i start really babbling, the reason i didn't post on monday, and why you're getting way more words than you would from a normal scenes from sarasota post, is because i got a nasty computer virus (aaaaand cue a whiny "i miss having a mac" chorus). thankfully, my friend/co-worker's boyfriend works in IT, so it took him a whopping 20 minutes to fix everything, but the day and a half i was without my laptop was...hard. which, honestly, makes me think i need to unplug more often.

in other news, i've been cooking up a storm this week -- so far, i've made shrimp curry (again), homemade granola, buttermilk pancakes from scratch, and tomorrow i'm going to whip up some chocolate two-bite cookies as a thank-you treat for my friend's computer-saving boyfriend -- and it's been great. going to try to keep the homemadeness up.

i've also been listening to adele's new album, 21, and oh my gosh, it's amazing. like, heartbreakingly so. i'm the kind of person who thinks in stories, and i can imagine a story for every single song on this album, even if it's not my own. there are big, swelling, movie-soundtrack-worthy songs, and then there are songs that literally hit so close to home they make you squeeze your eyes shut and take a deep breath. my favorites of the moment are "rumor has it," "turning tables" (which makes me think the most of the aforementioned movie soundtrack) and "someone like you," which kills me. go. listen. enjoy.

oh, and on a completely unrelated and random note: i ran out of my beloved lancome mascara last weekend and replaced it with cover girl lash blast (orange tube, non-waterproof), which i was tipped off to by a tweet from anna at door sixteen, and i love it. possibly even more than the lancome, if that's possible. (i need to write a makeup post soon; i've been using a bunch of products that i absolutely love and think you might, too.)

so that's what's been going on so far this week. and here are two photos from one of my favorite places in sarasota -- the top of the ringling bridge. (not the most perfect shots, obviously, but i still love them.) i took the first one, with the city views, from one side of the bridge, and couldn't get over how pretty the lilac-colored sky was, and i took the second one when i was walking back up the other side and the sun had sunk even lower -- i love seeing the progression of the light. the bridge is one of my happy places -- it's awesome for a jog or a power walk, but it's also a great place to think and listen to music and look out over the water. i'm really glad it exists.

i hope you're having a great week so far -- see you tomorrow!


  1. 21 has been making me so happy for too long now. I usually get bored of an album but 'rumour has it' and someone like you' melt me.

  2. em -- oh my gosh, i KNOW! i feel like a big puddle after i listen to one of her songs.

  3. Oh, thanks for the mascara tip. I'm just about out of what I'm using and looking for a good one to try. xoxo

  4. Great post! I need to listen to the album, i've heard so many great things but have only heard one song once. You've convinced me! Also, don't you love it when the drug store makeup is better than the department store kind? I've used CG's mascara before and I've used the expensive kinds too. Right now I"m hooked on Rimmel lash extension and it works really well! It's sometimes hard to tell a difference, but I think my lashes are longer because of it. Maybe I've just been brainwashed though, who knows :)