Friday, February 25, 2011

what are you doing this weekend? + me and martha stewart.

i don't normally post pictures of myself on this website, but since this picture is of myself AND MARTHA STEWART, i couldn't help it.

oh my gosh, you guys. yesterday was one of the best days of my professional (and, honestly, my whole) life. it started with an event here in downtown sarasota at which biz stone, the co-founder and creative director of twitter, was present, and at which i got to meet and chat with him. yeah, i just casually walked up and introduced myself to the guy whose invention i use every single day -- and it was awesome. he was so friendly, and so was his wife, livia, who was with him and who is a sweet little pixie of a thing. it's always cool to see genius millionaires wearing jeans and swigging bud light directly from a bottle -- and it was even cooler that this bud-light-swigging, jeans-wearing genius millionaire was being honored for his efforts with farm sanctuary, an organization dedicated to ending cruelty towards farm animals.

ok. so that would have been cool enough by itself. i mean, biz stone. so great.

but nope: more awesomeness. after leaving biz's event, i headed out to siesta key to meet and interview martha stewart(!!!), who was in town for an event at the ringling college of art and design. i can't say much more about the circumstances of our meeting (other than that they were work-related), at least not yet, but i can tell you that she was absolutely lovely: gracious and kind and totally non-judgmental of the fact that i was so nervous to meet her that i was probably visibly red and shaking and about to wet myself. say what you will about martha -- i think she's amazing, and she's an inspiration to me as a woman and a businessperson.

so, yeah. that was my thursday -- i really feel like two very important parts of my life merged in this totally awesome way (and, to supplement that feeling, i found out that biz and martha are actually friendly in real life). february 24, 2011 will be a date i remember for a long, long time.

and this weekend? this weekend, i plan on channeling my inner martha by cleaning and baking -- this thin mints recipe that emily posted looks pretty stellar, and i might make deb's homemade oreos again, too. i also have my second book club get-together, and i really want to sleep in, too.

and you? tell me your plans -- and regale me with any celebrity run-ins you've had in the comments!

p.s. please ignore my awful, scraggly hair in this photo. i was having a bad hair day and clearly need a trim!


  1. Wow very cool! And you look great and very excited by the way. :-)

  2. Awesomeness! This weekend I'm catching up with my best gal who just got home from 4 weeks in Vietnam. And hopefully working on some sewing and knitting projects. xoxo

  3. Holy Crap!!! I'm so happy for you and envious of you all at the same time! That is so freaking cool, Megan! So cool.

    This weekend we're celebrating our dating anniversary by going to the ballet (woo hoo!), going to some bookstores tomorrow to read up on buying houses and doing some lounging the rest of the time! Have a great one!

  4. This is incredible. You look so great and happy!

  5. Holy cow! That was quite a day!!!