Thursday, February 3, 2011

color theory.

not really a fan of the phrase "pops of color," although i do like what it refers to -- in this case, something done perfectly by gwendolyn mason and earnest merritt (what an awesome name he has). i'm swooning over the yellow wall/pink chair combo, and i just love the green in the dining room, too.more color (that's not robin's-egg blue) has been working its way into my home, and i love it -- these photographs are pushing me to add even more.

via design*sponge


  1. i'm with you on that phrase and the lovely pink & yellow in that room. but that huge wooden workspace is absolutely fantastic. such pretty images.

  2. Oh girl, I think you may have solved my dilemma. We have a beautiful dining table that my husband's grandpa made us out of this red oak. I asked for walnut but we got red oak, haha, oh well. Anyway - chairs have been something that I just can't seem to figure out. Until now. I think that green chair would be absolutely PERFECT with our table.