Tuesday, February 15, 2011

scenes from sarasota: burns court.

i'm going to (try to) start something new in this space -- a new feature called "scenes from sarasota." hopefully it'll become a weekly thing; if not, i'll try to post to this series at least twice a month. usually there'll be two photos, but if i have tons, i'll upload them to flickr and let you know. there's so much beauty in this little town i call home, so i figured why not document it?

these two pictures were snapped on one of my favorite areas of the city. burns court is home to the sweetest little 1920s med-rev bungalows you ever did see, as well as a pepto-bismol pink, arthouse-style cinema that serves not only popcorn and treats but beer and wine, an art gallery, and several restaurants -- my favorite of which, owen's fish camp, is shown in the second photo. (you can only kind of see it, but the restaurant itself sits in the shade of a beautiful banyan tree.) there's really nothing better than having a seafood dinner at owen's and then catching a film at the movie theater, or vice versa. it makes for the perfect sarasota night out, especially if you get to walk slowly down the street to your car afterward, under the glow of the twinkle lights that line the street.

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  1. I love this new series - can't wait to learn more about Sarasota! I've been there several times as a kid, but haven't been back since. I used to have an aunt who lived there and we went to visit and go to Disneyworld every single summer. But she passed away and the tradition came to a screeching halt. So now I'll be able to enjoy it through you - I love that!