Friday, February 4, 2011

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, friends! i've officially made it through a full week of work at my new-old job, and i am a combination of incredibly happy and incredibly tired. so i forfeited any plans to be social tonight and instead headed straight home to watch a movie, clean my incredibly messy apartment, tie up a few loose ends on some projects, and relax. i think the theme of this weekend will be "lay low."

last night, i got to go to the ringling museum for its ringling in bloom designer preview event, where floral designers created flower arrangements based on 27 pieces of the museum's world-renowned art. it was a lovely evening, and when i was walking out of the museum and across the little bridge that connects it to the visitors pavilion, i looked out over the grounds and thought, "what a lovely, only-in-sarasota kind of night." i've had several experiences like that this week -- it's nice to love the place you live, isn't it? if ever i were to leave florida and come back to it again, i'd come straight here.

so yes, this weekend will be spent quietly, enjoying the comfort of my little apartment in the little town i call home. and you? what are your plans? are you staying in or making it a big weekend out? let me know, and i'll see you back here on monday!


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  1. what a super sweet image. I love it ...and I'll be staying in as well ...and watching football on Sunday. Cheers to the last game of the season :)

  2. You deserve a layin' low kind of weekend! Congrats on the success of your first week!

    We stayed in last and played cards with our friends who are having a baby in the next few weeks. Tonight we are going to this thing called El Circo Cheapo which is 'the poor man's version of Cirque de Soleil'. I'm pretty pumped for it! Then after that is karaoke for a good friend's bday - so I bet tomorrow will be a little rough for us!

  3. haha, three comments from people with the same name in a row! i love it!

    thank you, miss maegan -- i hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

    meagan, you're too sweet. el circo cheapo sounds awesome! and oh my gosh, karaoke -- SO MUCH FUN. i hope you had a great time and today wasn't too rough. ;)

  4. that museum event sounds amazing! wish I could see it, too. hope you're having a wonderful weekend...