Monday, February 21, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

happy monday, everyone! my weekend is technically not over -- i have today off -- but i thought i'd pop in with a quick post and my commitments for the week.

it's been a busy weekend, to be sure: on saturday afternoon, i went to my friend r.'s baby shower (at the beautiful polo grill here in sarasota), and then on saturday night, i went over to my friend k.'s mom's house for a south-african themed dinner party. the weather was impossibly gorgeous, and k.'s mom's house sits right on beautiful sarasota bay, so she set up a long table outside, complete with flowers and lit candles, and we all feasted on shrimp, lamb, fruit, salad, herbed couscous, milk tart and my chocolate cake (which was probably the most american thing i could have brought to a south african party, but ah, well -- and more on the cake later this week). it was a perfect night -- one that really felt much more like mid-spring than mid-winter.

on sunday, k. and i went for an almost-10-mile bike ride through downtown sarasota, over the ringling bridge and then through st. armands circle. again, the weather was perfect, so the ride felt great, but when we got back to our respective houses, i'm pretty sure we both crashed -- i know i did. i spent the rest of the night laying on my couch in sweatpants, chatting on the phone, watching movies and enjoying the luxury of doing nothing and knowing i didn't have to get up early for work this morning.

today i have some errands to run and i always like to spend the last day of the weekend getting things together for the week. so in that spirit of getting things together, here are my commitments for the week:

+ plan out a little dinner menu for the week. (curry and soup will be in heavy rotation. also some sweet potato fries, i think.)
+ take the clothes i've recently purged from my closet to goodwill. 
+ re-arrange my bookshelves so that they look more attractive/i can display more knickknacks.
+ give myself a pedicure. my feet really need it.
+ drink more water. i've been slacking a bit lately. in fact, until last week, i was having a very strong cup (ok, two cups) of coffee in the afternoon, but they started to make me so jittery i got anxious at night, so i've cut that habit out -- and water is the perfect replacement. yay.
+ choose happiness. yes.

and you? what are your little goals for the next few days?



  1. We were talking about planning out our meals for the week because I'm pretty sure we waste a LOT of money at the grocery store. I want to commit to that and also commit to doing something with this thrift store mirror I bought and painted awhile back. It's just been hanging out on the floor waiting to be used, so even if I don't actually hang it on the wall I need to utilize it some way! Glad you had a good weekend, enjoy your last day of it!

  2. thanks, miss meagan! good luck with your commitments -- i am TOTALLY with you on the grocery store thing!