Monday, November 29, 2010

the (long) weekend and committing to...

hi, friends! how were your long holiday weekends, if you had one? if not, how were your regular weekends? mine was...well, it was interesting. some family drama went down that you probably wouldn't believe even if i told you, so we'll leave it at that -- but i will say that it had nothing to do, directly, with me, my parents, or my brother. and while it kind of put a damper on everyone's spirits, i still managed to enjoy my precious days off: i saw two movies, visited my college roommate (who also happens to be one of my best friends in the whole world), almost finished my book, visited my favorite cupcakery (sadly, rifle paper co. was closed when i tried to stop in), and ate pie with every meal.

i'm currently going through pie withdrawals, actually.

anyway, it's a new week, and with it comes a new month that's also the last month of this year (!). i mentioned last week that i want to make these last days of 2010 memorable, so in the spirit of that thought, here are my commitments for this week:

+ put up my christmas tree. it's tiny, yes, but it makes things feel festive in my little home.
+ try this recipe, because it just screams "holiday comfort food."
+ plan my christmas cookie attack plan.
+ continue to focus on the things i'm thankful for, because truly: i need to remember them every day.
+ pilates in the morning. stretching and coffee sound like a pretty great way to start the day. plus, i need to get up earlier to give myself a chance to settle into the day. i'm really bad at sticking to that commitment, so i'm re-committing, here and now.
+ take care of myself emotionally, and help my friends and family take care of themselves that way, too.

and you? what are your commitments as we stride into december? tell me, and i'll see you back here tomorrow!


photo by m_paessler

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  1. I'm committing to a brand new schedule for my weeks. I have it all mapped out and I'm really excited about it. Also, I'm committed to my health. xo.