Wednesday, December 1, 2010

on deep breaths.

the past five days have not been the best for my family. there was the thanksgiving-day drama, which has turned into something that's not only sad but also ongoing, even though i feel that the sadness will be worth it in the long run; then my brother had a pretty bad car accident on sunday night (thankfully, he's ok); and to top it all off, i had my own car mishap and broke off a chunk of tooth biting into an almond on monday, which is going to require dental work and is not something i was planning for during the holiday season.

i promise i'm not trying to be negative, but ugh.

and it's not only me and my family. some other friends and friends-of-friends are going through their own hard times right now, too, and i just feel like something was a little off-kilter at the end of november -- like maybe we all need to get our balance back.

obviously, my tooth and car are super minor in the grand scheme of things, but they're also the kinds of incidents that are so easy to get tangled up in and upset about. in fact, the older i get, the more i realize that, especially at this time of year, it's important to stop and  remind myself that my reaction to something is what i make it, and to remember that things often have a way of working themselves out. a little mental check-up and a deep breath are always good.

so i'm checking up and breathing deep. november is over; december is upon us now. here's wishing us all a month that's full of silver bells and christmas trees and free of chipped teeth and broken hearts.

see you tomorrow. xoxo

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you have to go through all this at once... it sounds like a lot! Hang in there, we're all cheering for you. xx

  2. That really sucks. Sorry your holidays have gotten off to a rocky start, but I hope the twinkle lights and music and sweet foods and family and friends renew your holiday spirit.

  3. thank you, jane and mary. xoxo

  4. I have to be honest...I'd have a hard time not freaking out about a chunk of my tooth getting chipped off. And car stuff is never fun and neither is family sadness/drama. Good for you, though, for remembering that some things are minor in the grand scheme, even if they suck when we're living through them. Sending you hugs! xo

  5. Uh oh, that sounds pretty rough. I hate dental work and I've broken off parts of my teeth before and it's not fun. We both got sick this week and had a flat tire on our way home from Kansas so yeah, I'd say something was off kilter towards the end of the month. But our stuff is minor and nuisances so I shouldn't complain - but it's easy to do. Here's hoping that December treats us well indeed! Maybe you can try your luck with my giveaway!

  6. stephanie -- believe me, i freaked out when it happened! eeek. you can't see it, thank goodness, but i still kind of feel gross about it. luckily it's totally fixable and i keep telling myself that it's just a tooth. thank you so much for the good thoughts, blog friend. xoxo :)

    meagan, so sorry you're sick and about the flat tire! that's so rough when you're traveling. i'm hopping over to visit your giveaway right now!

  7. Big love going out to you. Hope your December gets better. x