Thursday, December 16, 2010


is it just me, or does this week seem to be whizzing by? at this rate, i can't even imagine how next week  is going to go. i think having my aunt linn in town, coupled with the already-frantic pace of the holiday season, is adding to that time-flying feeling, but seriously: wow. i love this time of year -- it's my favorite, actually -- but sometimes it feels a little like gasping for air.

but then i stumble across photographs like these, by anna aden, and they feel like the breath you take when you first walk outside on one of those silent, wintry mornings: crackling-cold and crisp and head-and-soul-clearing. lovely, lovely, lovely.


  1. those images are beautiful. they make you need to take a minute to absorb them.

  2. I really like those photos...they seem to give off a sense of peacefulness.

  3. these pictures are gorgeous!

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