Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a little happy.

making me happy right now:

+ this cupcake, because it's from my favorite cupcakery in sarasota, cupcakes a-go-go. (side note: i still think there aren't enough cupcakeries in town. if i had enough disposable cash laying around, i'd totally open one up.)

+ christmas. i can't wait to see my family.

+ the great christmas cookie bake, which will be happening at casa megan on sunday.

+ writing my holiday cards tonight or tomorrow night.

+ the thought of 2011 and all the adventures and memories i plan on creating for myself. expect a looking forward/looking back post soon.

+ sitting on my couch typing this blog post, with oscar at my feet and a blanket wrapped around me. it may be cold outside, but we are toasty and warm in our house.

what's been making you happy lately? xoxo


  1. What a happy post! I love these. homemade peppermint bark (it is seriously TOO easy!), the smell of my christmas tree, the warmth of my new boots, playing peek-a-boo with my boys, and wrapping presents in front of a movie. That's where I'm headed now. I'm thinking Little Women and a glass of wine. Life is good.

  2. Making me happy: Andy, beer at my fingertips, finishing "Rage to Survive; the Etta James Story" (amazing), working from home tomorrow, designing a baby quilt, blog friends.

    Have a great night, Megan!