Monday, December 6, 2010

the weekend + committing to...

happy monday, everyone! did you have a good weekend? i did -- i went to my book club on friday night and met some lovely new people; hung out with my friends k. and t. on saturday, and spent sunday relaxing, decoratng my tiny christmas tree, whipping up a batch of my favorite no-fail scones, reading and working on this week's posts. a nice weekend, indeed.

i have a busy week ahead -- work promises to be ca-razy, plus there's the usual freneticness of this time of year -- but i'm most looking forward to seeing my aunt linn, who's flying in from pennsylvania to visit for a long weekend. she and i always have fun together, and i'm excited to spend time with her.

so in the spirit of those happy thoughts, here are my commitments for the next few days. tell me yours, won't you?

+ get my tooth fixed. this is not as much of a commitment as it is a priority. (stupid tooth.)
+ clean my apartment from top to bottom. we're talking ship-shape here.
+ enjoy the cold snap we're about to get -- it makes everything feel festive.
+ start a new book! (review on my last one to come a bit later this week. it was so good, you guys.)
+ try not to get wrapped up in the material, which is so easy at this time of year, what with gift guides and product placements galore.
+ be a supportive daughter to my mom, who is bearing the brunt of all of the family drama i mentioned last week. i'm hoping to get her down to sarasota this weekend to see my aunt, too.

see you tomorrow! xoxo 

photo by laure.


  1. I've been thinking a lot about how tough it is this time of year to not get caught up in a materialist attitude. There's a lot of pretty stuff around it's hard to be balanced...and I don't even celebrate the holidays. :) Good luck with your commitments this week. xo.

  2. These are really great priorities - you sound like such a wonderful, genuine person. Good luck getting that tooth fixed, yowzas. Good music blasted loud with something good to drink usually makes cleaning kind of fun for me - I spent THursday cleaning in my pj's all day, it wasn't so bad cause I had great tunes and some coffee to power me through it!

  3. thanks so much, you guys. you're awesome. :) xoxo

  4. Beautiful post, as always. I certainly hope your tooth feels better soon! I love that most of my favorite blogs are the ones without the gift guides and product placements. They're written by people like you, who have the same view about the beauty of the holiday season that I do. Have a great week!