Thursday, November 4, 2010

blue jean baby.

if ever there was a "megan" outfit, this is it. it encompasses basically everything i love: long, straight, dark hair (if only my own long dark hair would look that perfect all the time); a cardigan; a ruffled shirt; perfect-fit dark denim jeans; a great heel and bag.

this is the exact style i'm aspiring to attain this fall, especially as some cooler weather (lows in the 40s!) finally heads florida's way this weekend.

what are you shopping for right now?


  1. That outfit is so amazing. Man, I need to go shopping.

  2. I'm trying not to shop! But, I really want a pair of high-waisted straight legged jeans. I've got my eye on Emerson Made's but I can't afford them. So I guess I shall just lust away. This outfit is divine!

  3. I love this one too! So cool. I am so in need of some new clothes, but I hate shopping. What to do...

  4. soho, me too!

    stephanie, i know. i'm trying to resist the urge! eek.

    meagan, i am dying over ALL of emerson made's clothes right now. total perfection. p.s. i love the name of your blog!

    i know, mary, shopping can be such a beast. i tend to online window shop much more than i actually commit to buying in-store. :)