Wednesday, November 10, 2010

lights will guide you home.

lately, i've been caught between this irrepressible desire to run away, far away, to another city, another state -- another country, even -- and another, equally irrepressible, desire to crawl into a cozy bed in a cozy room and hibernate for awhile. something -- i'm not sure what, but something -- is going to happen soon. i can feel it in my bones. but until it does, i'd be perfectly happy to spend some time in this lovely bedroom, watching the shadows from that pretty light dance on the wall.


  1. Move to Canada!!

    I've had this feeling too. I'm torn between it. Wondering when to accept and when to change is something I struggle with a lot. I hope your feelings are resolved beautifully!!

  2. I wonder if we ever get past those conflicted feelings or just learn to live with them.

  3. I hear ya. At least once a year I start to freak out and really need a change. I blame it on the fact that I grew up in an environment where everything was constantly changing. Now I'm trying to embrace the fact that I'm getting settled into a home and life that I'm really truly happy with. It's weird though, because I often want to pack up my little family and leave. (You should take a trip! Come to Portland!!) xo.

  4. you guys are so wonderful. thanks for these comments!

    stephanie, i think you're right. i REALLY need a vacation. it's been two years since i've been anywhere, so come early next year, i'm going somewhere, anywhere! (portland is definitely on my list; i hear it's absolutely lovely there.)

    jane, the accepting/settling vs. going thing is something that i've been really trying to work through. i have days where i feel like i'm perfectly happy and content here, and then days where i feel like i'm totally settling for something safe. lately, the "i'm settling" feeling has been pretty overwhelming,, a change is gonna come?

  5. Yes, those lights are gorgeous and so are the floors! I'd love to spend time in there! Thanks for your sweet comment about my wedding!

  6. i get that same feeling towards the end of the semester, which is right now. you described it perfectly :)

    xo Alison