Monday, August 3, 2009

monday, monday.

happy monday, friendsies! how were your weekends? i spent friday night having sushi and movie night with friends (500 days of summer was so good and i need a repeat viewing asap); saturday at a beach barbecue; and sunday putzing around the house doing laundry, cooking and generally relaxing. and i'm looking forward to a great week, too: my bridesmaid dress for mel's wedding is due to arrive tuesday, friday is my birthday and all of my favorite people are back in sarasota after their various stints out of town.

anyway, i thought we'd kick off the week with these gorgeous images by samantha lamb--get thee to her flickr stream immediately for lots of light-filled loveliness.

oh, and tell me how your weekends were!



  1. Your week ahead sounds divine :-) I wish I could trade places with you!!

  2. what a beautiful blog!!! love it!