Thursday, August 13, 2009


my dears, i have had an insanely busy week, and today isn't looking like it's going to let up with the busy-ness. i feel like i've been in a lot of meetings over the past few days, and even though they've been really positive, all i'd really like to do is climb into this bed and take the best nap of my life! how lovely is that light?

how are you doing? please tell me what's been going on with you!

{ via sfgirlbybay }


  1. Feeling a little blah, myself (post vaca blues??). Wow, I love that room! I hope you feel more balanced soon!

  2. busy busy busy.
    presentations to investors.
    finding a cute little wooden house to move into. moving into it.
    packing for australia.
    booking flights to melbourne, sydney, byron bay.
    feeling very lucky.

    how was your birthday?