Wednesday, August 5, 2009

you can stand under my umbrella.

hi, guys--happy hump day! it's been a busy week for me, so i thought that i'd take a few minutes to sit down, reflect and share a list of the things that make me really happy:

+ summer. oh, summer.
+ friends and family, near and far.
+ the smell of fresh-cut grass.
+ sarasota sunsets. there's nothing like them.
+ the promise, the faint whisper, of fall.
+ chalkboard paint.
+ shorts, sundresses, flipflops.
+ beach reads. i'm a year-round book lover, but i fly through even more of them between june and august.
+ oscar snuggling in some of my laundry as i type this post.
+ my various summer cds: a michael jackson mix, the 500 days of summer soundtrack, a mix of new and old favorites. (tip from you to me: download "sweet disposition" by the temper trap, then listen to it while driving near the water during the aforementioned sunset. your life will change a little in those three minutes and fifty-six seconds, i promise.)

what's been making you happy lately? xoxo!

{ pretty photo via le love }


  1. What a cute photo! You know I love a good umbrella:) I haven't seen 500 dates yet but, naturally, the soundtrack has to be awesome!