Friday, August 7, 2009

what are you doing this weekend? + happy birthday to me!

happy friday, lovely readers--and happy birthday to me! today is my 26th birthday and i am planning on celebrating tonight! my best sarasota friends are throwing me a bash on the beach, complete with barbecue and sarasota's famous sunset, and then we're going to continue the festivities and dance the night away. then, on saturday, my friend h. is having a 30th birthday bash and i'm going to see julie & julia. i cannot wait; i'm so excited i could pop!

wishing all of you a weekend that's equally as lovely! see you back here on monday, and thanks--as always--for being so fabulous. xoxo

{ photo by darling dexter }


  1. Happy birthday, Megan!!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend:) xo

  2. happy birthday, megan!! Hope you have a fabulously fun friday :-)

  3. Have a happy and healthy year, this year and always. xoxoxox g.

  4. happy 26
    confident this year will be one of the best

    just found your blog
    its lovely and awesome and stuff
    you're more than invited to come and find mine too

    say hi to your beach from mine

  5. i hope you had a wonderful birthday!! :)

  6. Oh! Happy belated Birthday! I was away. I hope it was super!