Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Matcha latte.

Over the past year or so, I've come to really love tea. I've always enjoyed a cup of green tea with honey, and a chai tea or chai tea latte is often the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when coffee seems like it might be too much.  Then, a few weeks ago—after coming down with bronchitis, ugh—I began adding a cup of decaffeinated black tea with a tiny splash of half-and-half and a swirl of honey to my nighttime routine. During this time of year, especially, it's warming and soothing and I really like it.

So I was intrigued when, in the February issue of Bon Appetit, I saw a recipe for a matcha latte made with almond milk and water. And this week, I picked up some matcha—green tea powder—at Whole Foods (um, not cheap, FYI) and tried my hand at the recipe. I'm happy to report that it's really delicious—the green tea flavor is even more intense than in a cup of green tea from a bag, and the almond milk adds just the right amount of creaminess. I add a little bit of agave nectar, too, like the recipe suggests, and it's perfect. Since it's caffeinated, I probably won't be drinking this at night, but I'd love to start waking up early enough to relax with a cup of it before I head work in the mornings.

Here's the recipe, if you'd like to try it yourself.

P.S. This hibiscus-ginger warmer from Bellocq on Design*Sponge looks great, too. Yay, tea!

Photo by Christina Holmes for Bon Appetit, February 2013

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  1. Oh! I saw this in the magazine, too, and wanted to try it. Glad to know it's good. I'm kind of thinking I need a cute Japanese milk warming pot to make it even better. :) xoxo