Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Short Giraffe.

My friend Leigh just opened up the sweetest little bakery in downtown Sarasota: The Short Giraffe, featuring  her own mouthwatering mini desserts and confections. I've been a fan of Leigh's baking ever since she let me try one of her dessert shooters when she was shooting this feature for The Everygirl a few months ago; since then, I've also sampled her cookie cups, cupcakes, brown butter Rice Krispie treats and—maybe my favorite—her salted caramel shortbread. Leigh's branding is perfection (yellow and gray! That giraffe!) and her treats are seriously tasty; if you're local or happen to be visiting, get thee to her shop immediately. She's at 1247 First St., West Unit, Sarasota.

P.S. Last week she had peanut butter bourbon bacon chip cookies and Bailey's Irish Cream pumpkin tortes on the menu. Come on.

P.P.S. Leigh also serves coffee and espresso—notably a cupcake latte, which I'm holding above and which is delicious.

Photos: My own.

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