Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sick day.

Remember that cold-thing I had two weeks ago? Well, it came back with a vengeance this weekend. After Pollyanna-ing that it was "just allergies" for most of Friday night and Saturday afternoon, I finally popped some cold meds on Saturday evening and let myself succumb to the fact that I either have a sinus infection—thanks to the low-grade but consistent throbbing above my eyebrows and between my nose—or something else that needs an antibiotic to banish it. Thank goodness for wonderful ACS, who made me hot tea and the best toast in the world (with the perfect amount of grape jelly), didn't mind that I sneezed on him and rubbed my back when I coughed. The best, truly.

I hate to say it, but between this stupid never-ending cold and especially the heartbreaking events that unfolded in Newtown last Friday—I can't even glance at a headline without crying; did you watch President Obama's speech on Sunday night? It was so moving—I've lost a bit of my Christmas spirit. I never wound up getting a Christmas tree, much as I wanted to, and I haven't done any holiday baking yet, and that makes me kind of sad. But all of that's nothing compared to what others are going through, and you know, I have an always-fun holiday potluck at work on Wednesday (speaking of baking, I need to figure out my dish, eek), my brother is coming home from California on Saturday and I'm going to see most of my favorite people over the Christmas break, so there's that. There's definitely all of that.

And until tomorrow, I leave you with these photos: my sick-day essentials (tons of Kleenex and green tea with honey in a pretty mug) and my two adorable, fluffy felines (just because).

Hope you guys are well. xoxo

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