Monday, November 5, 2012

Found: The perfect fall boot.

As you know, we don't have much temperature variation here in Florida—the weather flip-flops between face-meltingly hot (May-October) and totally gorgeous (November-April). That's why the second the barometer drops below 70, even for a few hours, I break out my boots. Boots are such a quintessentially fall item, and fall is my favorite season, so it makes sense, right? Even if my feet get sweaty?

Anyway, I have a pair of Frye boots and a cheapie pair from Target (I love Target) currently in rotation, but these cognac-colored Loeffler Randall beauties are currently at the top of my wishlist, as much for the fall feelings they evoke as how gorgeous they are. A girl can dream...

P.S. These polka-dot heels are also on that wishlist.

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