Friday, March 23, 2012

what are you doing this weekend?

what a crazy week! i kind of can't believe we're already to the end of it (not that i'm complaining). my wonderful mom has been in town for the past few days, and we've been having a great time eating delicious food and soaking up the sarasota sun. mom left today, but i wish she was staying longer.

and now it's friday, and it's time to stop and catch my breath and send out a big yay for a sunny spring weekend.  i'm planning on relaxing, spending time outside in the amazing warm weather, hanging out with some of my favorite people and putting myself in the mindset to get back in a good, solid routine next week. i'm pretty sure the feeling that the week got away from me is related to a total lack of organization on my part over the past few days, and i'll share more about how i'm planning to reset on monday. 

until then, here's to a wonderful, warm march weekend that's filled with sunshine. tell me what you're up to and i'll see you back here on monday!

photo by me. sometimes friday afternoon lunches call for pancakes.


  1. how good do those pancakes look!
    i actually love runaway weeks. this weekend will likely involve more nursing of a wee one through her cold... hopefully some reading and photo-editing in-bteween.

  2. Those pancakes look out of this world! Who could blame you for eating them for lunch? :)

  3. Oh my. I can practically taste those pancakes they look so good!

  4. Can I have some pancakes too? :) Hope you enjoyed your time with your mum.