Monday, March 26, 2012

scenes from the weekend + committing to...

what a beautiful weekend. there was sunshine and flowers and lazy mornings and afternoon naps and s'mores cupcakes, and if that wasn't enough, the weather on sunday afternoon was perfect -- to the point where i exclaimed, "i cannot believe this weather!" so many times it probably annoyed the people i was with. i often joke about living in the marshmallow (thanks again to my b.f.f. kate for coining that phrase), but this weekend was really, really lovely -- and a great way to get myself into a positive place for the reset i'd like this week to be.

i wrote on friday that i felt really disorganized for the majority of last week, and i've mentioned before -- numerous times -- that i am notoriously bad at going to bed at a reasonable hour (and therefore, notoriously bad at waking up at a reasonable one). it's something i really need to change, because i don't like that feeling of running out of the house, bleary-eyed with my wet hair thrown up in a bun, bleary-eyed, and then navigating to work in a state that's basically autopilot. and the ironic thing is, i love morning, especially those hours between seven and 10 a.m. they feel different to me; special. i always associate them with good things. and i'm most productive during them.

so this morning i took a big step: i set my alarm for 6:30 a.m., and (with the help of a good morning text from a certain someone) i actually got up early. and yup, i'm a little tired because i didn't go to bed until close to 1 a.m. last night. but i think that tiredness will force me into bed earlier tonight, and that's a good thing.

i had a conversation with one of my closest friends last night about being kind not only to each other, but to ourselves, and for me, respecting my body enough to give it the rest it deserves is a big part of that. part of the reason i stay up so late, i think, is because i'm perpetually afraid i'm going to miss something important, and if i do, it leads to feelings of inadequacy, however irrational they may be. (yes, hello, complicated.) so i'm excited to try to get out of that pattern, and who knows? maybe i'll even become a morning person, and when my friend megan asks me to go to a 6 a.m. spin class with her i'll reply with a big, fat "yes!"

so obviously rethinking my sleep pattern is high on the agenda this week, but here're my other little goals:

+ make this soup, which i've been thinking about ever since i saw it on 101 cookbooks last week. seriously, how good does that look?
+ get a pedicure. i need one. badly. my feet are beyond at-home treatments.
+ start thinking about some summer travel, because i just found out i have the week of july fourth off again.
+ take some nice long walks, because i love them. and that seems like a perfectly delightful reason.

photo of the sweet-smelling pink roses i encountered this weekend by me.


  1. Well at least you have the excuse that you stay up late so that's why you wake up late! I'm in bed early and still manage to hit the snooze button one too many times. Maybe tomorrow I'll try waking up early too!