Monday, March 19, 2012

scenes from the weekend + committing to...

last friday, i took the day off work and went to my first-ever baseball game at mckechnie field in bradenton (about 30 minutes north of sarasota). the pittsburgh pirates were playing the philadelphia phillies, and we had great seats: though we were right by the phillies' dugout (we were rooting for the pirates), we were only a couple of rows away from the field itself and had a prime view of all the action. on top of that, the people seated around us were so friendly, the weather was sunny and in the mid-80s (but we didn't get sunburned at all -- here's to spray-on spf 85!), and the pirates won (yay!). i've never been a baseball fan, mostly because i didn't know anything about it, but i would absolutely go to a game again (in fact, i hope to). oh, and the photos above are pictures from the day.

in other, non-baseball news, there was lots of relaxing, movie-watching, good-food eating and shamrock-shake imbibing this weekend, too. and it was all delightful.

this coming week will be busy, as well: my mom is coming to visit (she works in education and is on spring break this week), so that will be fun, and there're lots of other projects to get done. i'm looking forward to all of it. and speaking of this week, here are my little goals for next few days:

+ practice patience. i made a joke about instant gratification the other day, but the truth is i often expect it and i should work on being better about it.
+ continue to work on the sleeping thing. (i'm hoping the daylight savings adjustment period is over; i could not sleep for the life of me last week, no matter what time i went to bed.)
+ exercise and eat well (shamrock shake season has ended, thank goodness!).
+ last week's flower posts inspired me to pick up some flowers for my apartment, so yes: do that.
+ make time to take in how beautiful sarasota is in the spring. the weather is gorgeous and the sidewalks are literally carpeted with fuchsia, purple and yellow flower petals. it's beautiful and worth slowing down for.

how about you? tell me, and i'll see you back here tomorrow.

photos by me


  1. Cool pics. I'm glad you got such gorgeous weather to attend your first game. Baseball is a beautiful sport, so even if you don't know anything about it, you can surely appreciate the beauty of it all. Green grass, blue skies, the windup of the pitcher, the catches by the shortstop, the athletic catches by the outfield, the chatter from the dugout and the infield, the fans... :-) It's clear that I am a baseball fan, huh?

    1. mary, i love the way you describe the game! and yes, you're right: there is definitely beauty to it. so much fun. hooray for sports!