Friday, March 16, 2012

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday!

in the spirit of flower week, i wanted to sign off for the weekend by sharing this beautiful headpiece created by sarah of saipua for a martha stewart weddings photoshoot. isn't it lovely? (p.s. check out the model's stunning wedding dress, too.)

today i'm doing something that's especially springlike: taking the day off work and going to my first-ever spring training baseball game. baseball is a sport i've never gotten into -- i'm actually a basketball fan (my dad and i used to go to orlando magic games all the time when i was little) -- so i'm excited to see what going to a game is actually like. and i'm sure i'll take pictures, so expect a full report next week. this weekend is also, of course, st. patrick's day, but i'm eschewing most of the local (read: drunken) festivities for time spent with people i care about, and i couldn't be happier. (ok, ok: a shamrock shake -- my favorite and probably unhealthiest guilty pleasure right now -- might be in the works, too.)

what are your plans for the weekend? tell me, and i'll see you back here on monday! xoxo

p.s. did you know that martha stewart and i are besties? hee!

photos by saipua for martha stewart weddings


  1. Yes definitely do the shamrock shake. I've found that crumbling thin mint cookies into it makes it even better!

  2. erm. what on earth is a shamrock shake?

    1. em! a shamrock shake is this green-colored, mint-flavored milkshake produced by mcdonald's around st. patrick's day. not every location sells them, so they've kind of developed a cult following. they're so good but really not very healthy...

    2. Damn it. We don't have that sort of things here in our maccy d's {there is one right by my new office, so I checked!} I might try and re-create one buy making a chocolate shake and adding a mint liquor & colouring!

    3. i bet you could! i saw a bunch of recipes for homemade ones on pinterest...:)

  3. Shamrock shake! The one time of year I have a shake. So good.