Monday, March 5, 2012

scenes from the weekend + committing to... + guest blogging!

happy monday, friends! how were your weekends?

i spent friday night drinking wine and eating soup with kate, as planned -- always fun. then, saturday, i spent most of the late morning/early afternoon walking around the downtown sarasota farmer's market (for work) and then the burns court neighborhood (for play). one of my favorite stops was the sarasota trading company, which is chock full of antique pieces like the bottles, copper pots and furniture pictured above. and best of all, the weather was absolutely beautiful, so it made for a really nice few hours.

sunday was errand/get-organized-for-the-week-ahead day -- there was grocery shopping, talking, laughing, a little baking (more on that on wednesday) and cleaning. it all felt very natural and productive, which was great.

so yes: a good and decidedly sarasota-centric weekend, indeed.

oh! and before i get into this week's commitments, just a quick note: i'll be guest posting at my blog-friend kim's place all this week while she's gallivanting around europe with her boyfriend (hello, i'm jealous!). kim emailed me a couple of weeks ago asking if i'd write some travel-themed posts while she's on vacation, and of course i said yes. so for the next few days, i'll be posting about my dream vacation, my favorite travel accessories and more. if you're interested in reading, you can click here to read the posts on kim's blog, wouldn't stop if i could. i'll put links to the posts on facebook and twitter, too. yay!

so that's that, and now -- without further ado -- here're my little commitments for this week:

+ spin, spin, spin. i miss spin. i must spin!
+ pick a date for a yoga class with my friend t. (also, i've been kind of curious about hot yoga lately. do any of you do it?)
+ make this soup. (can we talk about how much i love peas? so much.) oh, and maybe this bread, too.
+ actually confirm some talked-about dates to see old friends. 
+ let go. just...let go.

and you? what are your goals for the week? let me know, and i'll see you back here tomorrow.

photos by me, snapped at sarasota trading company.


  1. my yoga pal and i have been discussing hot yoga too. the thing that puts me off is the fact you have to wear tight clothes - there is too much flab on my tum for tight clothing ;) let me know how you get on it you go.....

    1. ha--aww! this comment made me laugh, e. the thing that puts ME off is the intense heat, even though it's probably not that different, temperature-wise, than spending any long amount of time outside here in the summer. you let me know if you do the same...we'll have to compare notes.

  2. Oh happy guest-blogging! I am most envious of your friend too :)