Monday, May 2, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

wow, sunday certainly ended with some big news, didn't it?

it feels weird to write this post without commenting on that news -- i stayed up late watching cnn and reading the new york times, and i don't really want to say anything more, other than that i truly hope that this information brings some sense of peace and/or closure to the families of those who perished on 9/11 attacks, and that i'm so grateful for the sacrifices the members of our military make, no matter my opinions about the leadership choices that require them to make those sacrifices.

and now on to our regularly scheduled programming:

five fun things from the weekend:

1. jane eyre. such a good book-to-film adaptation -- perfect casting, i thought -- and catharsis for me to read the book (one of my top five favorites of all time) again.
2. long bike rides around my hometown. huge old oak trees, beautiful houses, pretty lakes -- why don't i have a bike in sarasota, again?
3. perfect weather. i thought florida had decided to go straight from winter to summer, but this weekend was just right -- cooler at night, warm during the day and, best of all, not humid at all.
4. dinner with friends; brunch with mom; cupcakes from my favorite bakery, bluebird bake shop. i love good food. (related: my mom also gave me the most recent issue of bon appetit, and i can't wait to try some of the recipes from it -- so many of them look really easy and, better yet, delicious. who wants to come over for dinner?)
5. time with family, especially my brother, who i don't see nearly as often as i'd like and who i always miss a lot.

five commitments for the week:

1. make this smoothie, because i really, really, really need to eat more vegetables and this looks like an easy way to squeeze some in.
2. take bridge walks in the evening. the perfect after-work decompressor, especially when the weather's like it is right now. plus, these days, you can't beat the way the sunlight shines over the water at that time.
3. try harder to focus. my mind's been all over the place lately (though not necessarily in a bad way).
4. tackle and finish some freelance work -- and stay organized while doing it.
5. be kind. to everyone.

photo by mister sullivan


  1. The news really is crazy. I know it's not going to "end the war on terrorism" but it does bring me a lot of relief. I just hope that there aren't any crazy retaliations...

    I need to work on drinking more water throughout the week. I kind of suck at it and my body lets me know.

    Also, I'm hosting a giveaway this week to thank my readers like you!

  2. Obviously you've noticed that I stole this format. Thanks! :-) I like it too. I make smoothies almost every morning for me and my little boys, and I always add a handful of spinach. If you also add berries, then it just turns purple, if the green bothers you. You can't taste it either way. Another tip: I put overripe bananas in the freezer and use them in the smoothies. If you use frozen fruit (which is easier/cheaper offseason as well), then you don't need to add ice cubes. Makes it even creamier and more awesome. (Wow- guess I had a lot to say about smoothies.) Enjoy!

  3. mary, i loved your post -- it was perfect. and you have convinced me even further to make that smoothie! yum!

    meagan, it brings me a certain sense of relief, too, but it makes me uncomfortable to celebrate someone's death, even though i know some people are celebrating a renewed sense of unity and the end of at least a little bit of hate instead. i just really hope photo and video footage isn't released.

    and on a more pleasant note, good luck with the water drinking and yay for giveaways! :)