Thursday, May 5, 2011

scenes from sarasota: birdwatching.

one of the cool things about sarasota is the animal life that abounds. on any give day, you'll see manatees and dolphins in the bay, pelicans hanging out on fishing piers, parrots in the trees at island park, turtles and coyotes (yes, seriously, although the latter are super elusive) on the beach, and all kinds of other birds everywhere. it's awesome. (side note: one of my all-time favorite sarasota experiences was having a baby manatee swim right up to my kayak one warm spring evening. it let my friend kate and me pet it, rolled over in the water, let us hold its flipper and was generally the cutest thing i'd ever seen. i would really like to have that experience again some day.)

anyway, on my travels the other day i saw this white dude hanging out in front of a house and had to snap a picture. isn't he cute? he looks like he's waiting to be let in for some kind of garden party!


  1. I'm loving these posts. You're making me want to go to Florida!

  2. stephanie, you should DEFINITELY do just that!