Monday, May 23, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

i celebrated the fact that we all survived the rapture by hanging out with my friends and drinking wine this weekend. it was glorious.

here are some other glorious tidbits from the past few days:

1. two books finished: the imperfectionists (loved; made me teary; made me think seriously about my career) and the frog king (loved; made me teary; made me think seriously about my life). more on both later this week.
2. a new dress in emerald green, courtesy of my friend k.'s insane thrifting abilities.
3. a perfect saturday night with the aforementioned friends-- the kind of night where you laugh a lot and bump into people you know on every corner.
4. fuchsia toenail polish -- the perfect color for the beginning of summer. (and also, having the toenail polish applied while chatting with one of my favorite people.)
5. the overwhelming feelings of love i felt for sarasota at certain points throughout the weekend -- whether it was looking out at the cityscape from a friend's downtown balcony or dipping my toes into the salty water of the bay at island park.

and five goals for the week:

1. continue down the path of assertiveness (which, when i put it that way, sounds kind of yoda-ish, but i still want to do it).
2. on the above note, do one thing that scares me.
3. experiment with getting up half an hour earlier in the mornings. this will either (a) work, (b) fail miserably or (c) work but make me very grumpy -- but i figure, hey, if i can go off coffee, i can wake up earlier. right?
4. plan out my meals for the week. this makes everything easier and i like the domesticity of it.  it's oddly comforting.
5. work some more on my nascent piece of writing.

and you? i would love to hear, so please share!

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  1. Ooooh, good commitments. {I need to get back to this - it gave me structure!}
    I have been toying with the idea of meal planning - mostly as when they boyf returns from india he's going to want us to eat more than beans on toast or cereal.

    I was however hoping for the rapture to come. I ate a huge piece of cake and I thought the calories might not count if it happened ;) x

  2. Thinking about career change. Finishing my career counciling homework. Start training for the Komen 3 day walk.

  3. Love both lists. This week I'm going to stick to my healthy eating and exercise. And I plan to work on house and yard projects. But mostly, I want to focus on enjoying as much as I can during each day. xoxo

  4. I love love love that photo!!!! Such a charming book store :)

    <3 Belly B

  5. em, your comment made me laugh re: cake. ;) and meal planning really helps me -- if i think about what i'm going to eat i tend to (mostly) stick to it. minus the random peppermint patty i needed (yes, needed) at 3 p.m. today.

    shawn, career change?! exciting! and the komen three-day walk is such a wonderful, wonderful thing. that's awesome you're doing it.

    steph, such good commitments, as always. i can't wait to hear more about the house and yard projects.

    belly b, i know, right?! so pretty.

  6. A dress in emerald green, I've been craving this kind of dress for quite some time now. That's a very good idea setting goals for the week. Priority no. 1 for me would be making time to exercise every day of the week. :) Ada