Monday, January 10, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

happy monday, friends! did you have a good weekend? i had a quiet, but really nice, one. after a week of being pretty sick with my annual new year's cold, i spent friday night at home on the couch with a dvd, which was delightful and helped me more fully recuperate.

on saturday, my mom and aunt came down from winter park for the afternoon, which was great. we had lunch and tea at my favorite sarasota lunch spot, then walked around burns court and stopped in at awesome orchids (pictured above), a great plant/home decor shop where my mom bought herself gorgeous orchid and me the cutest little succulents you ever did see. we also hung out at the beach for a bit -- it was too cold to actually go in the water, of course, but it was perfect weather to sit on an old wooden bench and enjoy the salt air and sunshine. i love my mom and was so glad to see her -- the timing couldn't have been better.

saturday night, my dear friend t. and i went over to a new friend's house for a little dinner-and-movie get-together, which was lovely -- one of my favorite things in life is curling up on a couch with a good friend and a good movie, and chatting, snacking and drinking wine.

another favorite life-thing of mine is going out to breakfast, and my friend k. treated me to just that sunday on siesta key, after which we tooled around the island before heading back to our respective houses for  indulgent mid-afternoon naps and then later, for me, a long walk over the ringling bridge at sunset. i haven't done that in a long time, and it felt great -- i'm trying to carry that feeling into this week.

so in that spirit, here are my commitments for the next several days:

+ continue the job hunt in earnest. network shamelessly.
+ exercise daily. 
+ drink lots of green tea and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to ensure i don't get sick again. yay, antioxidants.
+ don't resort to hermitude. get out, walk around, go over to friends' houses. just because i'm on a big-time spending freeze doesn't mean i can't show my face in public.
+ stay positive -- remember that this time in my life is actually an opportunity to figure everything out.

and you? what are your goals for the week?

photos by me


  1. My goal for the week is to get more energy! I have been feeling really sluggish lately and I need to snap out of it. So I'm cutting out booze and dairy and eating really healthy for the whole week to see if I notice a big difference. I hope it works! xo.

  2. Perfect goals.
    Make the most of this time not in work to exercise and see family and do the things that make you happy.
    It sounds silly but you'll never get this amount of 'free time' back.

  3. Go, Megan! Pep talk from here during difficult mid-January. For me: Exercise, get outside even if tomorrow is supposed to warm up to only 10 or so. Enjoy the snow because it's why we live here! A week without procrastinating (that's a tough one).