Thursday, January 13, 2011

bow-ed over.

more clothes love, this time from juliette hogan. how pretty (and prettily styled/photographed) are these looks?  i'm now positive i'm going to need  (a) some ankle-length navy pants, (b) something with bows, and (c) something in that gorgeous lavendar color in my spring wardrobe.


  1. I am SO happy that purple is coming back. I love purple and it's a color that actually works with my skin tone. It might make my "look more professional" goal a little easier. :)

  2. ooh! that second photo is just perfect as far as I'm concerned.

  3. stephanie, me too! love it so much!

    rachel, i know. i wish i could look this effortlessly put-together all the time!

    lenore, totally!