Friday, October 8, 2010

what are you doing this weekend?

happy, happy, happy friday, friends! it's been an insanely beautiful week here in sarasota, and i am so excited to have saturday and sunday off to get outside, enjoy this amazing weather, and spend time with my friends. tonight some of us are going to see a movie, and saturday i'm going to catch up with a college gal pal and then watch the gator game. sunday -- well, sunday i may take a stab at these (thanks to emily's post). clearly, i'm in baking mode.

i've been feeling pretty good about life in general this week, in spite of that random food poisoning on tuesday. i've done a good job cutting out diet soda and unhealthy food (with the exception of those pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies, but i made those from scratch so i know exactly what's in them), and my mood has been bright and chipper. i think it's the weather, honestly. fall is my favorite season, hands-down (even though i may say that spring is my favorite and march and summer is my favorite in june and winter is my favorite in december, autumn is my one true love).

so this weekend, i'm going to celebrate the season. what are you up to? tell me, and i'll see you back here on monday (or maybe even sunday!).

photo by ricor 


  1. Have a great weekend. You sound in great form!!

  2. Everything looks very good over here, Megan. I haven't been visiting my faves for a while so I've had a happy time catching up. Sorry about the food poisoning, but glad you're doing well and the weather is so nice!

  3. Hi there - well done on the food - even just making the decision to try to be more healthy has got to be good yes? I am not surprised Sarasota is beautiful this week - of's such a lovely place. Lou x