Thursday, October 28, 2010

i got sunshine...

anna bond of rifle paper co. is one of my favorite stationery designers ever. i'm so sad that one of her wood recipe card boxes isn't in my budget, and if i ever get married, i totally want her to design my wedding invitations. even cooler? anna lives and works in the same town where i grew up: winter park! she's opening a store there soon, too. yay. 

anyway, yellow is my favorite color, hands-down, so it's no wonder that i love these custom wedding invitations anna designed. aren't they pretty? just a little sunshine for your thursday. 

p.s. i feel weird typing this when it's not even halloween yet, but anna's holiday cards are up in her shop now, too.

p.p.s. this post is taking a left turn now, but are you dressing up for halloween? i am sadly costumeless, have a party to go to on friday, and am in need of last-minute ideas that don't involve the black cat ears i've worn for the last three years.


  1. A flapper dress, headband and fishnets. Is the Women's Exchange still aroun?

  2. ok wear a hawaiian shirt and lei and some boxing gloves ... Hawaiian Punch! :) cheesy, but in my opinion - genius HAHA

    and winter park? I spent some time in winter park when I lived in Orlando for 6 months. thats fun !