Friday, October 1, 2010

what are you doing this weekend?

i’m not joking, you guys, when i say this week has been one of the longest ever. i took a half day off from work on tuesday, thinking, among other things, that it would make the rest of the week fly by, but i feel like it actually made time go by slower. i spent all day wednesday thinking it was thursday, and now i’m spending all day friday waiting for 6 p.m. everything is fine; i just really want the weekend.

and speaking of, what are your plans for the next few days? i actually have an action-packed saturday -- one of my close friends is getting married in a month, so we’re having a bachelorette day complete with pool time, pedicures, a sunset cruise, and dinner and drinks. i’m excited, both to spend time with my friends and to have an entire day of fun.

and other than that, i’m still doing a lot of thinking about next steps, which has spilled over into the non-professional aspects of my life, as well. i’m working on setting up a website for the side projects i'd like to take on, and i’m trying really really hard to be a little more assertive and open to the possibility of new people and new experiences. i’m an extremely outgoing person after you get to know me, but a little shy upon first meeting, especially if it’s for social reasons and not work ones. plus – and this is going to sound pretty pathetic, even though I know it’s something we all experience – i often question my own self-worth. so it’s time to work on that.

i also have some consulting work i need to finish, and i want to make time for a run, too, especially since the weather’s getting so much nicer.

tell me your plans, and i’ll see you back here monday! xoxo

p.s. happy october! pretty fall image via mary ruffle.

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