Monday, October 25, 2010

the weekend + committing to...

for me, the weekend was a quiet one. i slept in both days, which was glorious, and managed to catch up with two groups of my favorite friends: one on friday night at one of my favorite sarasota seafood spots, and another on saturday night at an outdoor café downtown, where a live band was playing under the huge harvest moon. book club was cancelled that night, and i have to admit that i was really happy about the change in plans – i mean, is there anything better than good friends, good food, and good wine on a beautiful fall evening?

sunday brought with it total sloth mode (i wish i had the same motivation to paint my bedroom that jane had to paint hers) and several hours spent on the couch with a book and a movie playing in the background. that being said, i did manage to clean up my rather messy apartment and ended the evening taking a beach walk with a friend (see photo above), having dinner on the front porch of her pretty new house on siesta key, and reading my book into the wee hours of the morning.


now, it’s a new week and time or a new “committing to…” i know that sometimes these commitments get repetitive, but as much as i think it’s important to commit to something new each week, i also think it’s important to keep coming back to old ones, or ongoing ones, as well – feels kind of like a mental check-up. anyway, here are my goals for the week:

+ sharing how i (really) feel. speaking my mind, especially in an uncomfortable situation, is something that i need to do more frequently. often (and unfortunately), my reaction to things is to automatically apologize for them – even when i didn’t do or say anything that warrants an “i’m sorry.” i really, really need to work on this, and i’m fairly certain it’s symptomatic of a whole bigger self-worth thing – a conversation i need to have with myself soon, too.

+ starting my next book. i love reading and i love that i’m doing a lot more of it lately. need to keep up the momentum.

+ taking my clothes to the consignment shop. seriously, how long have i been talking about this?! it’s time to just do it. (and while i’m at it, i need to take my other clothes to goodwill.)

+ jogging at least three days this week. (

+ taking some pictures of pretty sarasota scenery to share with you all. i’ve found myself taking pretty routes home lately and admiring all the lovely houses, from little bungalows to seaside mansions. i think you’ll like them just as much as i do.

and you, lovely readers? what are your goals – or even just your looking-forward-tos – this week? please share – it’s so great to read about them (em has started her own “committing to…” feature on her lovely blog, and stephanie often shares her weekly goals, too – so inspiring!)

see you back here tomorrow. xoxo

photo by me

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  1. Great list, Megan! I'm on a reading kick as well lately and it makes me really happy. I hadn't realized how much I missed diving head first into a good story.