Tuesday, June 1, 2010

little letters.

dear kayaks in the photo above,
thank you for being a high point of my three-day weekend. (mine was the red one.)

dear sun,

dear sex and the city 2,
you were total fluff. but you were entertaining, and the perfect dessert after a sushi dinner with girlfriends.

dear universe,
i miss lola. i would like to adopt a dog. i know that this is probably not a good idea right now, but  i still wish you would send the perfect pup my way.

dear urban outfitters,
i really love all the awesome patterns you're carrying right now.

dear "committing to...,"
i'm taking a little break from you today, but i'll talk about what i accomplished this week on friday. ok?

dear let the great world spin,
i'm coming to get you. i hope you're as good as everyone says you are.

dear june,

dear readers,
happy tuesday. don't forget to enter the giveaway, ok?



  1. Dear Megan - love how your mind works! x

  2. i LOVE the way this is written. so lovely + inspiring.

    xo Alison