Friday, June 4, 2010

what are you doing this weekend?

there's no use fighting it, you guys: summer is here. in southwest florida, it's been hot and sticky, the kind of weather that makes everyone roll their eyes and say, "i can't wait to see what it's going to be like in august." but at the same time, there's a sense of joy in the air, too: summer means no school, kayaking, shorts, flip-flops,  ice cream from kilwin's, post-beach margaritas and daiquiris at the bars in siesta key village--the kind where you can roll off the beach, sandy and sun-kissed, slick back your wet hair, and sit down with your friends for talks and laughs.

this weekend, i'm going to think of all of that and hopefully partake in some of it, too. i'm also going to finish the fantastic book i'm reading: let the great world spin, by colum mccann. (seriously, you guys: amazing.) and i'm going to try to put the horrific oil spill out of my mind for a few days (sarasota will be getting some of it soon, it looks like, and the pictures on the news are completely heartbreaking). this post on courtney's blog made me cry when i read it--so come to think of it, maybe this weekend, instead of putting the spill out of my mind, i'll try to think of some ways to help, even if it just means sending love and good juju out into the ethos to all the louisianians and animals affected by this disaster so far.

but let's end this on a positive note. tell me: what are you up to this weekend? big plans? or are you taking it easy after last weekend's festivities? please share, and i'll see you back here monday morning! xoxo

{ image via sfgirlbybay. it just felt like home when i looked at it, you know? }


  1. We're still having a ton of rain right's getting a little old. I want summer to be here already! :) Well, this weekend will be full of my usual: hanging out with Andy, playing some games and hopefully doing some reading and crocheting. Have a good one, Megan! (I'm sending my good thoughts to the areas affected by the oil mess as well!)

  2. Hi Megan, I am seeing an old friend this weekend so what could be better?! This oil spill business is just unreal - I follow Bumpkin on a Swing and she posts alot about it. Just such a mess. I think the image you used feels like home too - just gorgeous. Lou x

  3. this weekend i am mostly just IN LOVE with that picture. thinking who i would choose to sit round that table with me. fun game. ah, al fresco dining with family and friends. what could be better?