Monday, June 7, 2010

happy monday! + committing to...

good morning, good morning!

how were your weekends, everyone? did you have good ones? here in sarasota, it was so ungodly hot that it was honestly hard to want to go outside for any long period of time (this coming from a native floridian, mind you). i checked the temperature on saturday night and it was 85 degrees at 11 p.m. (!) with a feels-like temperature of 95, thanks to the oppressive humidity. ugh. that, coupled with the fact that every store and restaurant i visited seemed to be having air conditioner issues, made for a pretty uncomfortable couple of days--but it was nothing that raspberry fro-yo with fresh banana slices from whiteberry on saturday and good conversation with friends all weekend long couldn't cure. seriously, though, is it super-hot where you are, too?

anyway, i missed my little "committing to..." feature last week, so here's a fresh list for a fresh week. ready, set, go:

+ sleeping like a normal person. every night last week, i fell asleep with the light on, a book splayed open next to me, and--once--my laptop open and still on. if i'm that tired, i need to go to bed earlier.
+ embracing the wave in my hair. this is an odd one, i know, but i always try to flat-iron my naturally quite wavy hair into submission--maybe this summer (with the help of my beloved moroccan oil) will be the summer i let loose.
+ taking the saleable clothes from my closet to my favorite consignment shop, and the rest to goodwill.
+ not complaining about the heat. starting now.
+ keeping up with daily chores. i (and oscar--really) operate so much better in a clean house, and last week's tiredness and busyness kind of made me lax in that department.
+ and, as always, continuing to try to focus on the positive.

and you? xoxo!

{ lovely image--which makes me feel cool just looking at it--via {this is glamorous}. }


  1. Hi Megan - I love these posts that you do, they do make me think what am I going to do this week? I can't imagine the heat you describe there in Sarasota. Even when it's hot here the minute the sun goes down there is a respite. My memories of Florida consist of that 'knock me over' heat that just hits you as you step out of the air conditioning. I am so with you on the clean house front - it soothes my mind and then everything else runs more smoothly. Such a shame it's such a hard one to keep up with...
    Lou x

  2. It's been raining here like crazy (we've almost beat our June rain record...and it's only the 7th.) But Saturday the weather was perfection, so I got to have a picnic with my best gal and that made me really happy.

    I like your committing to list this week. Embracing my naturally curly hair is just about the most liberating things I've ever done. It makes rain/humidity more bearable knowing that my hair isn't really going to do much anymore. :)

  3. Great list, Megan. Thanks for the keeping up with the chores (and the getting to bed correctly) inspiration.