Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tea time.

lama designs is one of my favorite online shops. it's colorful and fun and the items for sale are always so cute (see: this teapot with a cold). so when i was browsing the kitchen and tabletop section (my favorite part of any store, frankly) the other day and came across these sweet teacups, i knew i had to share. 

and when i read the product description, i knew even more that i had to share. hand-drawn by irana douer, a buenos aires-based artist. much of irana's work is based on the feelings of women, particularly the oppressed, whose circumstances force them to hide from the world. "though their grief is strong," the description reads, "irana likes to think of her subjects as having the spirit to keep going and never lose hope. this gift makes a thoughtful, expressive gift to a strong woman in your life."

isn't that just lovely?

{ photos via lama designs }

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