Monday, May 3, 2010

yellow love + committing to...

every spring, these beautiful yellow trees--which i know as golden trumpets--bloom with a joy that's almost contagious. in sarasota, they're everywhere. i see them when i'm driving, walking around my neighborhood, even right outside my office window, and they never fail to make me smile. there's something about the bright yellow petals that just sing spring. (my parents have one in their yard--given as a gift by a friend when i was born, almost 27 years ago--and i think that's where my affection stems.) i wish i could bottle everything about these trees and keep them near me year-round, but i've realized the fact that they only bloom once a year, for such a short period of time, makes them even more special. hooray for nature.

and hooray for a new week--and a new month! i am recovering from yet another cold (seriously, is 2010 going to be the year i get a cold every month?), so i'm looking forward to feeling better, getting back into my exercise routine (i had to walk most of my 5k on saturday, much to my disappointment, thanks to not feeling well), and spending time with friends. and, as usual, here's what i'm committing to:

+ health. early bed. exercise. lots of water, fruits, and veggies.
+ being a better blogger and commenter. i totally sucked it up last week--so sorry!
+ finding my mom a really great mother's day present.
+ focusing super-intensely at work.
+ continuing not to gossip. i know this is the third week that i've posted this, but reminding myself of my little goal at the beginning of every week has been really helpful.
+ making sure my hands and feet are summer-ready--i.e., brightly nail polished--because it is officially hot here, and i will officially be living in flip-flops and sandals for the next six months.

what do your weeks look like? what are you committing to? please, please share! xoxo


  1. i'm also committing to lots of fruits, veggies, exercise and water. i did a 5k on sunday and it was rough. i want to be a runner!i also want to try a new recipe each week preferably with said fruits and veggies!

    have a great week and happy may!!

  2. This week I am committing to enjoying my life! I will not stress about things that don't matter and I will be happy for what I have. (I hope.)

    I'm glad you're back! I missed your daily posts late last week. :)