Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day weekend + committing to...

happy monday, friends! did you have happy mother's day weekends? i did--i went up to orlando to visit my mom, and spent the weekend hanging out with her, my dad, my brother, and the pupsters. i also did my laundry (yes, even at almost-27 i still tote laundry to my parents' house!), cleaned my disgusting car, thoroughly enjoyed some steak 'n shake, cooked mother's day breakfast for the fam, and drank coffee with my friend jenn. a good weekend, indeed.

also, have i mentioned that i love my mom? because i do. a lot, a lot, a lot.

speaking of mothers, before i get into this week's "committing to...", i just wanted to share these lyrics, which my brother, patrick, turned me on to. they're from a song called "the gambler" by a band called fun, and i think they're pretty amazing:

"it was the winter of '86, 
and all the fields had frozen over.
so we moved to arizona to save our only son.
now he's turning to a man, 
although he thinks just like his mother;
he believes we're all just lovers, 
he sees hope in everyone.

and even though she moved away, 
we always get calls from our daughter.
she has eyes just like her father's;
they are blue when skies are gray.
and just like him, she never stops--
never takes the day for granted.
works for everything that's handed to her;
never once complains."

beautiful, right? thanks, p., for the tip. 

and now, here's what i'm committing to for the week--but before i type this list, let it be said that i had a totally off-kilter second half of last week, so i probably just need to re-focus on everything i posted last week. sometimes we all need a little refresher, right? either way, here goes:

+ continuing to be healthy. (cold, stay gone! running shoes, you are going to get a workout!)
+ continuing to work on this.
+ making sure to be as productive as possible in everything i do. good choices, here i come. (thank you for the push in the right direction on this one, stephanie. i needed that.)
+ finding writing inspiration so i can be a better blogger (sorry for dropping off the face of the earth after last wednesday--again. ugh). this post gave me goosebumps; after reading it,  i immediately made the commitment to work on my writing.  thank you, jane. (the lyrics i posted above are also feeding this commitment.)
+ being clean in every area of my life: personally (house, car), emotionally, and financially.
+ going to the farmer's market this weekend and buying fresh flowers for my house. i love joy's farmer's market flowers posts, and i really love having flowers in my own apartment, so why not commit to buying some, right? (the orchid in the photo above is my parents'--isn't it pretty?)

what are you focusing on this week? xoxo--thanks for reading this rather random post!

{ photo by me }


  1. You're always giving me pushes to commit to being better every week...I'm glad I could return the favor. :) Great list for the week, Megan.